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Si Us Instruments is the exclusive distributor of the innovative BlueLavage® suction and rinsing system, which was awarded the NRW Efficiency Prize 2019.


>> Please note: We only ship BlueLavage® to the USA, Switzerland and Poland. <<

BlueLavage® is 100% manufactured in Germany – inexpensively and under fair conditions.

Your advantages of BlueLavage®


The suction & irrigation system used in operations can be used up to 150 times and does not have to be disposed of after a single use like conventional systems. It still meets the highest requirements for hygiene and sterility. At the same time, residual materials are reduced and raw materials are saved.


Two rinsing levels selectable

HighSpeed: flow rate above 1,200 ml/min

LowSpeed: constant flow rate of 600 ml/min

Constant flushing pressure of 1 bar (15 psi)


Reusable DriveUnit

Electronically regulated motor control

Reduced noise

Sensor controlled 2-step switch

Smart LED power indicator

LED illuminated lid: the operating status is visible at all times under the application


Avoidance of hazardous waste

No mixing of plastic and e-waste in hospital waste

DriveUnits always reusable

Exclusive use of biodegradable plastics

Hose system without questionable plasticizers


Top single use package with handpiece, tubing and short rinsing attachment

Self-explanatory and unique design

Easy Top Loading of the DriveUnit

Easy and safe change of the different rinsing attachments

No batteries or electrical cables in the operating area


Double sterile packaging for highest demands on hygiene and sterility

Simple and self-explanatory to use - just as you would expect from a flushing system!

Reliable in use: The continuous pumping performance of the BlueLavage over the required period of use was extensively tested and confirmed at Trier University of Applied Sciences in the Department of Mechanical Engineering dual

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 as well as DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Classified according to the EU guidelines for medical devices of risk class IIa

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