About us

Si Us Instruments® GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, has additional branches in Switzerland and Poland.

Team Germany

Innovation Centre Berlin Adlershof

Berlin Adlershof is Germany’s largest science and technology park. It is one of the most successful locations for high tech in Germany, home to over 2,000 innovative companies and 16 scientific institutions. The choice of location has given Si Us exceptional proximity to other companies in the fields of biotechnology, medical products and pharmaceuticals and medicine. This cluster allows the us to attract not only customers, but also research and cooperation partners.

Company headquarters Berlin Adlershof, building view from outside


Si Us Instruments® GmbH


Icon Standort PinMax-Planck-Straße 3

D 12489 Berlin


Icon Phone+49 30 351 364 36

Icon Fax+49 30 690 887 10

Icon Mailinfo@si-us-instruments.de

Team USA

Sales Partner USA

Since 2023, Si Us Holding GmbH has had a new company headquarters in the USA – Si Us A Inc.

This step enables us to supply hospitals and the US Army there quickly and easily.

Si Us A Inc.


Icon Location Pin1401 Beaver Dam Road

Point Pleasant

NJ 08742 · New Jersey, USA


Icon Mailinfo@si-us-a.com


Clemens Frania

Joanna Jozefiak

Joanna Jozefiak

Vice President

Team Switzerland

Sales Partner Switzerland

As the exclusive sales subsidiary of the Berlin-based manufacturer Si Us Instruments® GmbH, we enjoy being closer to our Swiss customers and offer a wide and qualitative range of sterile disposable instruments as well as surgical sets at fair prices.

Firmensitz der Si Us Schweiz in Basel (Schweiz), Gebäudeansicht von außen

Si Us (Schweiz) GmbH


Icon Location PinPrattelerstr. 21

CH-4052 Basel


Icon Phone+41 61 381 44 44

Icon Mailinfo@sius-schweiz.ch


Icon Webwww.sius-schweiz.ch

Logistic Centre Rangsdorf

Si Us Instruments® GmbHopened its own logistics center in 2022 to ensure fast delivery to customers.

Si Us Instruments® GmbH
Logistic Center


Icon Location PinAm Spitzberg 6

D 15834 Rangsdorf

Team Poland

Sterilisation & Packaging

Our highly motivated team cleans, packs and sterilises all your requirements in no time.

Exterior view of Si Us company building in Poland

Si Us Instruments® Sp. Z o.o.


Icon Location PinNowa Wieś Wrocławska

Nowa 21

PL-55–080 Kąty Wrocławskie


Icon Phone+48 71 715 12 05

Icon Mailoffice.pl@si-us-instruments.de



Uncompromised quality −

Insights into the production of Si Us Instruments® GmbH

Consistent quality & availability

Customers benefit above all from consistent quality and immediate availability of the instruments. Especially in hospitals, loss and wear of medical instruments are high. In addition, products become dull and lose quality from repeated use. Single use guarantees the quality of the instrument as well as hygienically safe and contamination-free use for every operation. Germ spread and cross-contamination through unclean instruments are eliminated. In addition, the purchase of disposable products is more affordable than costly sterilisation. Pre-packed surgical sets ensure that all necessary instruments are available and ready for use during operations. Thanks to the extensive range, customers can obtain nearly all products direct from one supplier.

Close-up with features of our disposable medical instruments using the example of catheder introducing forceps: stainless steel handle, plastic color marking and cross-hatched forceps surface

Modern Production in Europe

Wroclaw is one of the economically strongest regions of Poland. It has a well-developed infrastructure so that all target markets in Central Europe can be reliably reached. The production facility was built in 2016 and expanded by 5600 sqm in 2021. In the process, all regulatory requirements were implemented according to laws and standards that already exist and will come into force in the near future. It was also approved and authorised according to German standards by the certification body DQS Med. Only approved manufacturers are allowed to sell their products on the German market. The production facility has state-of-the-art, future-proof equipment such as Miele washer-disinfectors. Packaging in the clean room takes place under strict quality standards and in a controlled environment. Employees are tested and certified according to regulatory requirements. They are paid according to the Equal Pay principle. Training ensures the further development of employees.