Disposable surgical instruments and more

Si Us Instruments® products are made of surgical stainless steel and differ minimally from reusable instruments. They are cleaned, packaged and sterilised at our facility in Poland. All regulatory requirements are implemented in accordance with existing laws and standards and those that will come into force in the near future.


Our current range includes over 2,000 different instruments.  Among them are finely crafted instruments that are used, for example, in microsurgery or ophthalmology. The instruments are made of medical stainless steel and are intended for single use – they have a plastic-coated coloured marking to identify them as single-use instruments. In addition, the company offers pre-packed surgical sets for standard operations or according to customer requirements. After use, the products are properly disposed of, recycled and returned to the steel industry for reuse.


In addition to the disposable instruments on offer, we also provide accessories and sets – these can be put together according to your individual needs – if desired, also with surgical drapes and other supplementary products.

OP Sets

We will be happy to send samples on request so that you can see our quality for yourself.

Your advantages with sterile disposable instruments


Nowhere does sterility matter as much as in the operating theatre. Doctors must be able to rely on their instruments being sterile and ready for use at all times. But sterilising surgical instruments is time-consuming and expensive. That is why many doctors are increasingly resorting to disposables.

Ready for use and functional at any time

Conveniently packed in a dispenser

Reliable sterility and function

Immediately at hand in emergencies

Sterile safety from production up to 5 years

Certified production environment

Cleaning, packaging and sterilisation in Europe

Reprocessing and documentation are omitted

Cost saving in reprocessing

Reduced internal logistics costs

Simple allocation to cost centres

Sustainable cost reduction

No reprocessing

No maintenance and repair costs

No shrinkage of reusable instruments

Exclusion of cross-contamination

No residues on instruments

Neither wear nor loss of function

Biocompatible colour marking as a disposable product




In addition to disposable surgical instruments, our focus is on the configuration of surgical sets. We can provide you with customised, individual sets specifically for your requirements as well as accessory sets according to indication.


Simply select the desired components for your surgery set in our shop and we will work with you to find the best possible solution.


Alternatively, you can also inform us of your wishes via mail or our telephone number.


We look forward to your enquiry!

Set creation procedure

  1. Personal consultation, during which the contents, the estimated annual requirement and the packing sequences are defined
  2. Individual set is created, calculated and inspected by Production/Quality
  3. Non-sterile sample set is provided – Test phase/adaptations/additions
  4. After placing the order, a delivery agreement is drawn up – 3 months‘ supply is stored and delivered within 3 working days