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Si Us Instruments GmbH produces single-use packaged sterile surgical instruments and complete OP-sets made from steel; if desired with covers and accessories upon consultation with the customer.

We recommend single-use surgical instruments for the following reasons:

1) Hygienic
2) Procedurally consistent
3) Economical
4) Quality components

The reasons are as follows:

Surgery has been affected by constantly increasing incidents of cross-infection (primarily hepatitis, Creutzfeldt Jacob, HIV and multi-resistant staphylococci (MRSA)).

This problem can be prevented in part by using never before contaminated instruments which are discarded (and recycled) after use.

Our instruments are made of stainless steel and differ only slightly from reusable instruments. The delivery program includes a wide selection of about 8,000 different instruments of which 5000 are surgical instruments - including one-off drills and saws, drill bits, saw blades and optics.

Our OP-Sets have the following advantages:

- No instrument shortage during preparation; a sufficient quantity of OP-Sets are always
- The instruments are always new and of a high quality; they do not wear.
- No repair charges

Most hospitals calculate repair charges at 4.50 to 6.50 Euros per instrument and cycle (period). The cost of our single-use instruments averages 1.90 to 3.50 Euros resulting in a cost less than reusable preparation expenses.
There are no investment costs and the OP change times decrease.

Single-use sets can be constellated specific for the purpose and include only the instruments needed for that procedure. So you do not dispose of or recycle unused instruments.

Si Us instruments are developed in cooperation with practitioners and specialists.

Safety is the first priority.

Si Us Instruments GmbH production process:

Step 1
Instruments are manufactured in Asia to our exacting specification.

Step 2
Instruments are inspected to meet European quality, dimension and accuracy standards.

Step 3
A special wear-resistant yellow colour label is used for medicine products, which is acid-resistant and bio-certified for the standard instrument.

Step 4
Instruments are cleaned in a cleaning and disinfection system, similar to that used in a modern hospital.

washing-packing-sterilisation cycle

Step 5
Instruments are packaged in a health care cleanroom as single-use instruments or OP-Kits.

Step 6
Packaged instruments are sterilized with Ethylenoxid EO.

Disposal concept: single- use instruments are 99% recyclable material.


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