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Single Use Micro Power Tool´s

Si Us Micro Power Tools are specifically designed for use in hand- and foot surgery. The power hand tool can be combined with individual drill and saw compositions. The ergonomic design and the low weight of the Micro Power Tools provide an optimal handling with all orthopedic- and trauma related procedures with small long bones. All attachments are interchangeable with the power hand tool including the 3m cable ensuring the surgeon has enough room to operate.

Micro single-use power tools are the ideal complement to your re-usable power tools in clinical applications. They are approved at the ambulant as well as at the private-ambulant area. Where capacity for sterilizing is limited and operations have to be secure, fast and effective - this is the perfect use for our micro single use power tools.

Take the advantage:

- Ideal for ambulant area
- No waste of important operation time
- You remain flexible with operation planning
- Ideal everywhere, where capacity for sterilizing is limited

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Jet Lavage overview Typ 2500 B

The model 2500B suction and irrigation system:  the ultimate system to effectively clean implant stocks, and also for effective wound cleaning. This system is especially suited for general surgery and orthopedically and trauma related operations.

·    Purge rate adjustable up to 1,200ml per minute.
·    No danger of infection because of the single-use and sterile packaging
·    Hip and knee rinse applications with water-beam cone 35mm fan spray incl.
·    Immediately ready to use, no battery check or maintenance required
·    Excellent ergonomic design – practically tested
·    Suitable for many different applications
·    3m cable provides wide range area of use
·    Purge rate is variable from low to high speeds

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